Must I code to be in Tech?

Absolutely not! As much as coding is very significant and usually the definition of “tech bros”, there is so much more you can be and achieve in the text space without writing a single line of code.

Here is a list of some of the amazing opportunities you can explore in tech without necessarily writing codes;

Project Manager

A project manager is one person most developers do not “like”. Why?

Stereotypically, project managers earn more than the developers who write codes, and developers claim they do not deserve what they earn. It’s a tough argument for another day. But, what do these guys do?

Basically, project managers are the brain behind every process of a project from start to finish. Sometimes, they even outsource the projects to be worked on.

By processes,

    • They plan and set project goals,

    • Ensure the availability of every resource needed to implement the project,

    • Keep track of project progress and necessary corrections before implementation,

    • Ensure that execution is in accordance with project goals and customer satisfaction

    • Ultimately, they ensure projects are delivered ON TIME!

By implication, project managers are detailed, disciplined and strategic minds. You can be a project manager

UI/UX(User Interface / User Experience) Designers

UI/UX design is one of the most in demand and high paying tech skills.

Every Web design or every GOOD web design requires the services of a UI/UX designer. They simplify development projects by providing an outlook for the developer to work on.

The UI designer focuses on how the website looks. Every page, button, toggles, drop-downs, etc . The UX designer on the other hand focuses on how the user interacts with the website.

Obviously, they both work hand-in-hand to make the developers job an easy one without coding.

If you are a good graphic designer, or you have an eye for design, you will like to consider this field. There are a whole lot of materials online to guide you through the journey.

SEO/SEM experts

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is like the icing on the cake for every website that intends to be a world class platform.

Just from the names, these experts work with the search engines. How?

The SEO expert is the person who ensures that your website tops the list of results on the internet when searches are made. He/She ensures that your website gains visibility and attains a global reach.

The SEM expert on the other hand is concerned with how the website generates income for the company or organization in question. This expert makes use of the various digital marketing tools like content creation, copywriting, display ads, social media marketing and email marketing to convert your website to money.

These experts are very essential for a serious website owner and they are highly paid well.

Technical Writers

Technical Writers are very valuable in the tech space.

Majorly, they are known for writing documentations and giving directions on a particular subject, especially tech.

They write guides, manuals and updates like new or latest versions of softwares, libraries or frameworks and ensure a user is well understood on the subject in question.

The major criteria for a technical writer is research. If you are a good researcher and you can communicate in comprehensive terms, then this is a good way to become an asset in the digital space.

You can check this out…

There are many more tech skills out there that you can learn without coding but I’m giving you these few to consider.

Get you a tech skill today.