In today’s fast-paced world, educational institutions need efficient and flexible systems to manage their operations. offers a Multi-Branching education ERP System packed with innovative features designed to enhance the educational experience for administrators, teachers, and students alike.

Advanced Website and Custom Fields boasts a powerful and highly customizable frontend, allowing institutions to create an engaging online presence. Our Custom Field feature lets administrators add fields to student, employee, and online admission forms, tailoring the system to meet specific needs. This flexibility ensures that all necessary information is captured efficiently.

Comprehensive Exam and Progress Reporting
Our Multi-Type of Exam System supports three types of exams: Mark, GPA, and Mark & GPA. This flexibility allows institutions to assess students in a manner that best suits their curriculum. Additionally, our Progress Report Card feature combines results from multiple terms to create a comprehensive progress card, including cumulative averages, class averages, and subject positions.

Seamless Online Live Classes and Admissions integrates popular platforms like Zoom, BigBlueButton, and Google Meet for Online Live Classes, ensuring that students can continue their education remotely. Our Online Admission feature allows students to apply and pay admission fees through the website, streamlining the admission process and making it more accessible.

Efficient Inventory and Card Management
Managing inventory is a breeze with’s Inventory Module. This powerful tool helps institutions monitor, control, and optimize their inventory, ensuring that resources are utilized effectively. Our Card Management feature enables the creation of custom templates for Student ID Cards, Admit Cards, Certificates, and Employee ID Cards, adding a personalized touch to your institution’s documentation.

Role Permission and Communication’s Role Permission feature offers eight default roles and allows administrators to add custom roles as needed. This ensures that permissions are managed effectively, keeping data secure and accessible only to authorized users. Additionally, our Schedule Email/SMS feature enables bulk communication with users, with the option to set schedules for messages, ensuring timely and organized communication.

Conclusion’s innovative features are designed to enhance the educational experience by providing flexible, efficient, and secure management solutions. From advanced websites to comprehensive exam systems and seamless online classes, our ERP system is equipped to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions. Explore how can elevate your institution’s operations today!

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