Unleash Your Child’s Inner Tech Genius: ICIDAT Summer Code Camp!

Does your child love tinkering with technology? Are they bursting with creativity and a desire to learn? Look no further than ICIDAT’s Summer Code Camp – the perfect platform to ignite their passion for tech and equip them with valuable 21st-century skills!

This summer, in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, ICIDAT is offering an exciting opportunity for children aged 8-18 to embark on a thrilling coding adventure! From August 5th to August 31st, our fun-filled and educational program will introduce them to the fascinating world of coding, unlocking their potential to become future tech innovators.

What awaits your young coder?

  • Sharpen Their Critical Thinking: Through interactive coding challenges and problem-solving exercises, your child will develop essential critical thinking skills that benefit them in all aspects of life.
  • Master Scratch Coding: Scratch, a user-friendly visual programming language, forms the foundation of their coding journey. They’ll learn to code creatively, bringing their ideas to life through games and animations.
  • Explore the Magic of Graphics & Animation: Let their imaginations soar as they delve into the world of graphics and animation software. They’ll learn to create eye-catching visuals and bring their stories to life with animation.
  • Demystifying HTML & CSS: We’ll introduce the building blocks of the web – HTML and CSS. Your child will gain a basic understanding of these essential languages, empowering them to understand and even build websites!
  • A Glimpse into AI: Spark their curiosity about the future of technology with an age-appropriate introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts.

Why Choose ICIDAT’s Summer Code Camp?

  • Experienced and Passionate Instructors: Our team of tech experts are dedicated to making learning fun and engaging, ensuring your child has a positive and enriching experience.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: We’ve meticulously crafted a curriculum that balances foundational knowledge with creative exploration, catering to all learning styles.
  • Collaborative Learning Environment: Your child will make new friends who share their passion for technology, fostering teamwork and a supportive learning community.
  • Affordable Investment in the Future: For a limited-time fee of NGN 25,000, you’re giving your child a gift that will benefit them for years to come.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Limited slots are available, so register your child today and watch them transform into a tech whiz!

Visit our website or call us at 09075578318 to secure your spot!

Let the coding adventure begin!