Hospital management system is a computer system that helps manage the information related to health care and aids in the job completion of health care providers effectively. They manage the data related to all departments of healthcare such as,

  • Clinical
  • Financial
  • Laboratory
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Operation theater
  • Materials
  • Nursing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Radiology
  • Pathology etc.

Our HMS provides the ability to manage all the paperwork in one place, reducing the work of staff in arranging and analyzing the paperwork of the patients. HMS does many works like:

  • Maintain the medical records of the patient  
  • Maintain the contact details of the patient
  • Keep track of the appointment dates
  • Save the insurance information for later reference
  • Tracking the bill payments.

The advantages of HMS can be pinpointed to the following:

  • Time-saving Technology
  • Improved Efficiency by avoiding human errors
  • Reduces scope for Error
  • Data security and correct data retrieval made possible
  • Cost effective and easily manageable
  • Easy access to patient data with correct patient history
  • Improved patient care made possible
  • Easy monitoring of supplies in inventory
  • Reduces the work of documentation
  • Better Audit controls and policy compliance.

Key Features and Concepts

Here are some Key Features and Concepts that our HMS provides.

# Dashboard

Admin can get insights of the total sum of Invoices, Bills, Payments and advance payments beautifully. Also, he will be able to see the total number of Doctors, Patients, and available Beds. Also, an admin will be able to access all the data and add/update everything in the system and manage currencies and languages.

# Expense/Income Charts

You can show your expenses/incomes in bar chart into dashboard. you can also filter them according to date-range whatever you want.

# Users

Admin can add new users for specific role wise by using this module.

# IPD (In Patient Department)

Admin can manage Patient IPD details in this module. IPD is like Patient admission where admin can manage all details when patient is admitted and which bed he/she reserved.

There is charges management too in which patient charges should be managed and from it admin can generate bill.

Admin/Doctors/Receptionist can able to manage IPD module data.

# Consultant Register

By using this module admin can add constant for patient. and also add some extra instructions.

# Diagnosis

By using this module doctors can diagnosis details to patient IPD. doctors can add report type, report date and also attached some document while adding report.

# Timeline

Timeline is like one-one conversations. doctors or admin can add timeline records by date and attach documents to it. Patient should be able to see all the timeline details entered by his consultant.

# Prescription

Doctors can write prescription for patient. in which he can add header and footer notes. and also add medicines details, which medicine patient needs to take and in how much dosage of it.

# Charges

By using this module you can add charges of patient by charge categories. will do sum of all added charges while generating bill.

# Payments

Admin can manually accept cash and cheque payments of patient. added payments will be reflected to bill.

# OPD (Out Patient Department)

Outpatient Department. An OPD is a hospital department designed to be a first contact point between the patient, and the hospital staff. This is very usefull to track patient records. it has 3 more sub modules from where you can manage patient details.

# Visits

By using this module you can check which patient has visited the hospital at which time. all your patient visiting history will manage into this module.

You can also ask patient to again revisit at specific date.

# Timelines

Admin/Doctors/Receptionist will add timelines to here for patient. here you will add some suggestions for patient. that which medicine he want to take and what is best for him.

you can add attach a document also for a specific timeline.

# Diagnosis

By using this module doctors can diagnosis details to patient IPD. doctors can add report type, report date and also attached some document while adding report.

# Billing

# Accounts Types

We are providing different types of account types. e.g Credit Account, Debit Account, etc.., You can manage all of your accounts and select account type while you are generating Bills, Invoice or taking payments.

# Invoices

The invoices module provides a facility to create a digital invoice for the patient. You can select Patient, Invoice Date and add some Discount too. We also provide export invoice support. By which you can export PDF for the invoice that you created.

# Bills

Manage the billing for the patient. All you have to do is select the Patient, Admission ID, and related information will be autofill into the form. A Patient name, his/her Insurance details, Admissions date, Discharge date, etc. You can add some extra items to that bill if you want and generate a final copy of the bill. It also supports the export bill as PDF.

# Payments

All payments of patients would be managed by this module. Users can get to know how much payments are received and how much is Due.

# Advanced Payments

When any patient is going to be hospitalized there would be a certain process to do that is an advance payment. After making the payment it will be debited from that advance payment.

# Employee Payrolls

Admin/Accountant can add salary for a specific user including Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Receptionist and many more. The user will be also able to see his/her salary list with details.

# Bed Management

# Bed Types

Users can facilitate their beds for their better convenience and understanding to be featured. Bed types are VIP ward, AC, Non Ac. etc. Plus you can create as per your needs.

# Beds

Bed managers can add multiple beds and their proper information like Bed Type and all other things related to beds. By default, beds are created as available. Once the bed is assigned to some patient it automatically changed to unavailable.

# Bed Assignment

Beds are salient resources for serving/caring patients in hospitals. But they also provide a place where patients can be in a queue for a much-needed cure. For getting better hospitalization to the patients, proper bed assignments are playing a vital role in any hospital.

And this process is effectively managed by this module. You can assign a bed to a specific patient by selecting that patient and bed. That bed will be changed to unavailable mode automatically.

# Bed Availability Graphic View

By using this feature you can check which beds are available in specific wards and which are assigned. you can see details of assigned bed by hovering on that.

You can directly assign available bed to specific patient by directly clicking on it.

# Blood Bank

# Blood Bags

The blood bank is responsible for managing the bloodstock. This includes maintaining an inventory for each blood group, ensuring an average age of blood at the time of issuing and monitoring what amount of blood that becomes outdated or what amount of blood is not been used for any other reason. So, management staff can get the details about the stock which type of blood group is available in the blood bank.

# Blood Donors

You can manage the blood donors list in this section. You can add details of him/her by adding Donor Name, Date of donation, Blood group and, gender.

# Blood Donations

You can manage blood donations in this section. You can add details of blood donor and blood bags count he/she donating

# Blood Issues

This section is responsible for managing blood issues. Blood issuing process is effectively managed by this module. You issue blood to any patient by selecting him/her.

# Cases Management

# Cases

Case management is very necessary and needs to be effective for coordinating and providing care that is safe, on-time, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centered. That can be handled with very ease by this module.

# Case Handlers

A case handler is a kind of user in our system who has permissions to manage cases. They will enter all patient cases. So you can manage the staff who is going to handle all cases in this section.

# Patient Admissions

After registering a case file, the patient is moved to their respective treatment and make an admission of them. You can add patient admission details by entering details. e.g Select Patient, Admission date, Insurance Policy, etc.

# Documents

# Document Types

Users can manage various document types for various purposes like verification, certification and many more.

# Documents

All possible documents can be stored/managed in this section and the user can re-use those documents for various purposes.

Admin will be able to see all documents, while other users can only see his/her documents.

# Services

# Insurances

All third party insurances would be managed with whom the hospital tied up. Tou can select insurance while adding patient admission records. Which makes the claims process easier later.

# Packages

This module can manage different services in bunch mode. You can create different types of packages for users. Packages contain different types of services.

# Services

Here you can manage the services of hospitals like Ambulance, Home visit and many more. After creating services you can select that service for a specific package.

# Ambulance

You can add your ambulance vehicle details in this section. You can simply manage these records by adding basic information like vehicle modal, driver name, vehicle number, etc.

# Ambulance Call

In this section, you can see the list of the ambulance with details of the patient who used it. When the ambulance is assigned to some patient it will automatically become unavailable.

# Doctors

# Doctors

All hospital doctors are managed in this module. Doctor him/herself can manage their patients. Case handling, appointments management of patients, etc. Doctors provide medication for patients & write prescriptions for other medication and create operation reports for patients.

# Doctor Departments

There are different kinds of doctor departments as per their specialization and expertise. You can use doctor departments while adding a doctor to the system.

# Doctor Schedules

Schedules are also an important section for patients because all can get information from there that when the doctor will be available to get them checked up or appointment for their treatment.

# Prescription

Usually, doctors use this section more, because they will add the prescription details for the specific patient after the patient study.

# Reports

# Birth Reports

Generally, hospitals accept birth records as preferred evidence. A hospital birth record may be either in medical records of the birth or hospital birth certificate which is certified by an official person of a hospital as the custodian of the record.

You can add a birth report by just adding details. e.g Patient, Doctor, Date, etc..

# Investigation Reports

A medical test is a procedure that is performed to detect, diagnose or monitor diseases, disease processes, susceptibility or to determine a root cause of disease. Medical tests relate to clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics and are typically performed in a medical laboratory.

# Death Reports

Generally, hospitals accept death records as preferred evidence. All the information regarding death is assembled in this module.

# Operation Reports

An Operation report is a report which can be written in a patient’s medical record for documenting the details of the surgery. The operative report is dictated right after completion of a surgical procedure and later on transcribed into the patient’s record.

# Accountants

The accountant is a user in a system that has permission regarding billing/invoicing. They can manage this section. You can create an accountant and able to see the list of created accountant in this section.

# Nurses

Nurses can manage patients. Case generation and updating, allotting bed, ward, cabin for patients, provide medication according to patient prescription, manage blood bank and can update status. It also keeps a record of operations, new babies born and the death of patients can be managed by them.

# Patients

A patient can view appointments, status & availability of doctors, medications, his/her operation history, admits/discharge history, etc.

# Receptionist

Receptionists help patients, dealing with phone call inquiries, assist patients, handle mail, file records and make sure medical operations are running smoothly. Receptionists are also responsible for giving information to patients on what is happening in the clinic and dealing with appointments.

# Pharmacists

Help to prepare medications by reviewing and interpreting physician orders and detecting therapeutic incompatibilities. Dispenses medications by compounding, packaging and labeling pharmaceuticals. Controls medications by monitoring drug therapies; advising interventions.

# Lab Technicians

Medical laboratory technicians play a key role in the prevention and diagnosis of diseases, such as Cancer, Diabetes, and AIDS. Medical lab technicians work under the supervision of a physician, lab manager or medical technologist and perform laboratory tests on specimens.

# Appointments

Admin/Doctors/Patient will be able to see the list of appointments. Admin can see a list of all appointments. It also has support for the calendar view for appointments. You can see a list of appointments in the calendar form too.

# Medicines

# Medicine Categories

Users can manage medicine categories as per their needs or usage.

# Medicine Brands

Users can manage medicine brands as per their needs or usage.

# Medicines

Users can manage all the medicines and manage their inventory stock as well. Users can see the actual medicine name, side effects all the information regarding the medicine that was given at the time of adding into the system for your better usability.

# Finance

# Income

By using this module you can record your income source and amount. you can store it with specific date when income is received.

# Expense

By using this module you can record your expense source and amount. you can store it with specific date and and also attach document related to it.

# Hospital Charge

# Charge Category

By using this feature you can create different charge categories. e.g Blood pressure check, Nominal, etc.

# Charges

By using this feature you can add different charge amount for specific charge category, you can also add some unique code for that charge.

# OPD Charges

Admin can add different types of charges for specific doctor by using this feature.

# Radiology

# Radiology Category

Admin can add different types of radiology categories which is used in radiology test.

# Radiology Test

You can record radiology test by entering specific details. e.g Test name, Category, Charge category and charge.

# Pathology

# Pathology Category

Admin can add different types of pathology categories which is used in pathology test.

# Pathology Test

You can record pathology test by entering specific details. e.g Test name, Category, Charge category and charge.

# Diagnosis

# Diagnosis Category

Admin can add different types of diagnosis categories which is used in patient diagnosis test.

# Patient Diagnosis Test

You can add patient diagnosis test by entering specific details. e.g Test name, Category.

you can add custom properties (diagnosis) as you want. we are also support the pdf export of patient diagnosis report.

# SMS (Using Twilio)

By using this feature you can send sms to multiple users. you have to select department of users and all users of that departments are loaded. now you can select multiple users from that and send sms to all selected users.

We are sending SMS using twilio so you need to configure it before sending SMS.

# Book Appointment

# Doctor Appointment

Patient can able to book appointment with specific time slot.

They just need to select doctor from specific department and select the the date of appointment. They are able to see list of available and assigned slots of given doctor for that day. Now they can able to select available time slot on given day.

# Inventory Management

You can manage all your system items stock and its price and quality information in this module.

# Item Categories

You can manage item categories in this module. e.g Cotton packs, Equipments, etc.

# Items

In this module you can add your inventory item by its type and its unit (kg,qty).

# Item Stock

In this module you have to add the item to system. like if you are purchasing item from some seller and how many quaintly you are purchasing.

The Quality is is as the available quantity of that item. and it will decrease when some one issued it.

# Issue an Item

Here in this module you can issue an item by item name and how many quality the person is issuing.

Please note that issuing quality will deducted from actual available quality.

# Settings

# Notice Boards

Using notice boards, notable information or announcements would be conveyed to every person who is indulged within the hospital environment.

# Testimonials

Using Testimonials, you can add testimonials. This module also has profile image support for testimonials.

# Settings

Admin can manage the system language of their choice or comprehensive understanding & also can be managed brand name for the system.

# Multi-Currency

We are supporting 7 different currencies. Admin can select a current currency for their application and make related changes to all modules.

# Multi-Language

We are supporting 9 different languages. You can select whatever you want. It is specific to the user and also recognized after logout.

# Other Settings

Admin can manage Hospital Name, Hospital Address, Hospital Email, Hospital Open/Close Hours and many other settings.

# Mail Service

This feature is quite cool, you can send mail to your employees. All you just need to enter their email, subject, and message that you want to send. Submit it and the related user will get your email.

# Export Data Support

We are supporting data export (excel) in all necessary modules.

# Front Office

# Call Logs

By using this module you can track your hospital call details, that which call is received from who. you have to add entries for that.

Admin / Receptionist are able to access this module. you can also export the all list of call logs to excel.

# Visitors

Admin / Receptionist are able to do entries on this module. you can track your hospital visiting records here.

You can add visitor name and purpose of his visit, date of visiting, etc. you are also able to export the list of records to excel.

# Postal Receive

Here you can track your postal records, what couriers you are receiving and from who. you can also add attachment and add date of receiving postal.

Admin / Receptionist are able to manage this module. you are also able to export list of postal receive records to excel.

# Postal Disppatch

Here you can track your postal dispatch records, what couriers you are dispatching and for who. you can also add attachment and add date of dispatching postal.

Admin / Receptionist are able to manage this module. you are also able to export list of postal dispatching records to excel.

# Live Consultations

# Live Consultations

This module is specifically related to the Admin, Doctor and Patient.

In this module, Admin / Doctor can create consultations. So either two of them can be able to access this module and start the remote video calling via Zoom.

Patient can see the list of consultations and can able to join the meeting.

# Live Meetings