According to Statista, the global developer population between 2018-2023 has rapidly increased from 23 million to 27.7million respectively.

That does not in any way show that web development is old fashioned. If anything, it has proven beyond reasonable doubt that this aspect of tech is very much in vogue, and increasingly effective.

However, one might be tempted to say the market is or will be saturated in the nearest future, and building a career in such a place is unwise. But is that true?

Not at all! Basically, a whole lot of markets are saturated and even more are going to be. One such place is web development.

It is undisputed that one of the easiest fields to venture into in the tech industry is the developers circle and it is also true that with evolving technologies, a lot of jobs will be replaced by robots including tech jobs. So how do you stay relevant as a developer?


The reason why statements like “web development is old fashioned or outdated or a dying career” or many of such are aired is because the developers are outdated, not the skill.

Web development just like every other skill requires consistent improvement and updating of the developer.

You have to consciously be on the lookout for new ideas, new softwares, updated libraries or frameworks and latest versions of what you were used to or what you knew. That way, you become an authority and maintain relevance in the industry.

Web Development is not old fashioned. The Developers are!

Update Yourself!