One More Life Can be Saved!(Hospital Management System)

I stood frustrated and devastated beside my critically ill mum wondering if I should take her to the hospital or not. You won’t blame me for thinking that way. After all, the condition will not be any different at the hospital.

I had lost my father a few years before now and I remembered clearly how he gave up right there at the hospital reception because the staff took forever to process the necessary documents guaranteeing his treatment.

The hospital, like every other, had a whole lot of patients. Mostly, unattended to and they keep trooping in and out every blessed day because of how important their health is. It is rather unfortunate that attending to them is a major challenge especially in this part of the world.

The first and most important reason for this challenge is difficulty in assessing or processing patients’ files whenever they revisit or visit for the first time respectively. That alone is more than enough reason for delayed attendance to sick patients and of course increase casualty cases as a result of ill health.

I definitely couldn’t risk my mum to that but the condition wasn’t any better at home hence my frustration. I desperately needed help so I tried reaching out to a few friends and luckily, I got help.

I was amazed at all that transpired with the hospital.

Before we got to the hospital, I was asked to download an app and register my mum as a patient. I did that, I was also able to schedule an appointment with a doctor online so immediately we got there, my mum got the attention she needed without us going through any rigorous process.

I was so excited and relieved. We paid for our drugs online and got it from the pharmacy on our way out. The processes were fast, easy, reliable and stress free. I couldn’t help but ask what system they were operating on.

The receptionist was kind enough to explain to us the HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM built for them by ICIDAT TECHNOLOGIES.

The management system optimizes the processes in the hospital from patient’s data, scheduling appointments, online consultation for mild cases, purchase of drugs and many other services.

The hospital is also provided with mobile friendly applications that allows patients easy access to their facilities, hence, reducing the traffic manual processes can cause. These and many more are built by Icidat Technologies and Customized to meet the hospital’s requirements.

This is the best thing to ever happen to the health sector and every Hospital should get a Management System.

My mum is hale and hearty because of that development.

Let’s save more lives.