Vehicle Tracking Solutions in Nigeria

We provide GPS tracking services for Vehicles, Personal Business and Urban personal transport.

The Key Features of our solution Include

1. Professional Tracking, 24/7 vehicle tracking enabled.

2. Vehicle engine shutting down and resuming with your mobile phone via sms.

3. low battery alert.

4. voice monitoring.

5. No monthly charges.

6. Location tracking via Google Map

7. Over-speeding alert.

8. Geo-fencing.

9. it can be used efficiently for Vehicle fleet management (web-based tracking system)

10. Inbuilt Battery.

11. Door Status Checking.

12. You can get the absolute street address of your vehicle.

13. Number authorization.

14. Durability, reliability and many more features.


Get complete information about the movements of your car in live mode. Always keep up to date with the latest information and analyze the stored information about your vehicles.

Our software will allow you to use it more efficiently and always be confident in safety and productivity of your vehicle.

Personal Business

Selling or installing trackers to your customers? Or thinking about it? Do you want to have a convenient application for establishing accounts and units for tracking? We have something to offer you.

Create accounts and units for tracking , make remote settings and much more for your clients. With our applications, you can not only sell trackers, but also offer your customers the best service.

Urban personal transport

The safety of your scooter, e-bike or motorcycle is in your hands. We have a solution for you. Just one tracker and smartphone will make you feel confident in the safety of your personal transport.

You will always know where your two-wheeled friend is, you will be able to watch the history of your trips and share your geolocation with others.

We are Nigeria’s first choice in delivering world class vehicle/fleet management tracking solutions


  • Professional Tracking
  • Inbuilt Battery
  • GPS and location based service
  • Monitoring and communication
  • GPS/GPRS/SMS Tracking System