ICIDAT Learning Management System(LMS)

ICIDAT : Training & Learning Management System
Do you organize training programs online or at physical locations? If yes, then TLMS is the perfect
software for running and managing your entire training program!

Student Frontend & Admin Backend
Online Training
Manage & Schedule offline training
Session & Course Management
Class Management
Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
Multi-currency support
Attendance Management
Student Management
Online Tests/Assessments
Blogging & Content Management
And Lots More!



Course and Session Management
Create multiple online courses, training sessions or a combination of both! Configure each based on
your needs. Optionally enable payment collection for enrollment. The following payment methods are
available: Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Ipay, Payfast,PayTabs,PayUMoney, Paystack, Rave and others.
TLMS supports all currencies.

Class Management
Create multiple reusable classes and assign them to sessions or courses to create your online courses or
session calendar. You can also assign instructors to courses, sessions and classes and schedule
upcoming class reminders for students and instructors!

Online Tests/Assessments
TLMS comes with a powerful online testing/assessment feature. Save yourself the paperwork and
switch to TLMS’s computer based tests! Tests can be created with multiple options such as Time limit,
Session restriction, Attempt limits etc. Students will see their results immediately after completing the

Student Management
Students can register on the frontend of the application or can be added manually through the backend.
TLMS also features a form builder that enables you to add as many registration fields and attributes to
a student as you require.

Role Management
TLMS supports two major roles: Student & Admin. Admins can be subdivided into multiple roles. Out
of the box, you have Super Administrator, Administrator and Instructor. TLMS enables you to create
new roles with associated permissions for each role.

Email & SMS Reminders
TLMS can automatically send reminders to Students and Instructors about upcoming classes, test and
Attendance Management
TLMS make it easy for you to monitor and log attendance records for your students. There are multiple
attendance logging methods available that enable you set attendance either online or offline.

Payment Methods
TLMS ships with multiple payment methods for receiving payment for session/course enrollment.
Below is a list of all our currently supported gateways
TLMS comes with a powerful Homework feature that enables you to create homework for your
students. Students can submit homework via text response or file upload. Admins can review and
grade homework from an easy to use interface. TLMS also allows you to create revision notes for each
class that only enrolled students can access. The system will also notify all enrolled students whenever
a new note is uploaded.

Content Management
Easily add new information pages to your site. TLMS’s content management system makes it very easy
to manage pages on your site as well as your homepage. Add slideshows, signup form, session
calendar, text and more to your homepage in seconds. The content management system makes TLMS
able to serve as your company’s website as well as a student portal

TLMS enables you to configure lots of settings on your site. Change colors, set smtp mail credentials,
change the text on menus, hide or show menu options and lots more!

Student Discussions
TLMS comes with an easy-to-use student support system that gives them the opportunity to privately
hold discussions with your Instructors. The feature comes with an email alert system that notifies all
available instructors of new questions and notifies students of updates to their questions. There is also a
student forum feature which enables students enrolled in a session or course to interact with

TLMS comes with a powerful certificate generation feature that enables you totally eliminate the need
for creating paper certificates for each Student at the conclusion of your training programs. This feature
can also be used to generate other documents such as admission letters.

Download Management
TLMS comes with a powerful download management feature that enables admins/instructors easily
share files with students. This feature also enables you to restrict certain files to students that are
enrolled in sessions you specify.

Multiple Languages Supported
TLMS comes with support for multiple languages!18 languages are supported out of the box and can
be easily switched from the settings page. The following languages are included: English, German,
Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Malay, Czech,
Danish, Estonian, Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian and Korean.