You are one vehicle tracker away from losing your car or fleet of cars as the case may

Vehicle tracking solution is one MAJOR way of curbing the increasing rate of car theft
and optimizing fleet management systems.

Icidat Technologies have provided us with this solution: ICIDAT Vehicle Tracking
Solutions, the best solution to car theft.

This product is reliable, durable, affordable and available.

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Your vehicle might just be the next stolen item adding to the statistics of vehicle theft.

Owing to the obvious fact that vehicle thieves have now upgraded their skills to more
sophisticated strategies and leveraging on the advancement of technology like the use
of illegally acquired smart keys and devices that obstructs signal from your key fob to
ease operations, curbing this menace of vehicle theft is beyond urgency.

You can see that it is only wise that the solution proffered should also be advanced
technology oriented, hence why Icidat Technologies has provided you with the
sophisticated and upgraded VEHICLE TRACKING SOLUTION.

This device is a 24/7 GPS enabled car tracking device available for both car owners and
fleet management systems.

The vehicle tracking solution is customized to meet the SPECIFIC needs of the
customer. This means that, every other related software and application for this solution
is based on customer’s request and satisfaction. It’s versatility also allows for seamless
communication across borders and multi-lingual customer service.

In order to ensure maximum security for your vehicles, the tracking solution, beyond
durability and reliability, has very special AI based features that aid it’s effectiveness.
They include;

 Voice Monitoring
 Over-speeding Alert
 Geo-fencing
 Door Status Checking

Other features include;
 Inbuilt Battery and low battery alerts
 Number Authorization( especially for Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) related

You have the right and the resources to own whatever kind of car you deem fit but, if
you do not take the necessary measures in keeping it safe, you will lose that right
before you know.
Icidat Vehicle Tracking Solution is the Best Solution
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