How to Start Web Design

There’s a first time for everything — and it’s finally time for your very first web design project! Landing your first gig is a huge accomplishment in itself. However, keeping your first client happy requires a whole different set of skills. Please note, you’re not just a designer henceforth — you’re also a project manager. Truly speaking, you must have offered a great customer service experience to have won over that client. So, I would like to think you have the skill that’ll fetch you more businesses moving forward.

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But where should you begin? You may not have learned so much project management in school, so let me offer you a few tips. I will outline below some unique stages of the web design process from start to finish. Essentially, the first step to any web design project is learning what your client wants: her overall objectives, the purpose of the website, her audience, the features she requires. Remember, this is her project, not yours. You’re here to bring her vision to life — and hopefully, to offer some creative insights that will make the website even better than she imagined.

Knowing your Client’s Website Goals

You’ll need to know your client’s goals up front. This is because that will help you determine the features the website would need. Apart from the features your client tells you, the goals she has will inform you of what other featured to recommend. Further more, the website features required can help you determine how long it will take you to complete the project. Next, determine how much you wont to charge for the project. Importantly, let what you are charging commensurate with the services you are to deliver. In other words, make sure to offer needful services that can justify your charges. So, after you have determined the time and fee that you need, outline both in a written agreement. This agreement holds your client to her side of the contract, but also holds you accountable too.

Consequently, you’ve successfully set the needed expectations up front — great! Now you need to do a little research. Part of your job is determining the best possible user experience for the site, and that usually means creating user personas to determine how to meet the needs of target users. Every great website serves a purpose and facilitates that purpose to the greatest degree possible. So that’s exactly what you’ll want to deliver! At least, we think you do.

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The wireframe or User Interface Design that results from all this research and planning helps to make your plans clear to your client. Managing your client’s feedback can be challenging, but here’s a rule of thumb: if she makes a suggestion that you think will hurt the aesthetic or functionality of the site, push back in a polite and professional manner — after all, the client isn’t just paying for your skills, she’s paying for your training and expertise. But in the end, this is her website, not yours. Balance your professional opinions with the demands of your client and you’ll make it through this stage unscathed.

Coding Website Design into live Website

Now it’s time for the coding — your favorite part! But once all the coding is done, don’t forget to run diagnostics and check for browser compatibility. Turning in an untested site is one sure way to look unprofessional in your client’s eyes. Also, remember to read every text on the website carefully; even those on static banner images. This is because spelling mistakes and incorrect sentences are just as bad as bugs. This article in particular has been read and updated at least five times already.

When you were in school, you probably thought that coding would be the hardest part of your future profession. But, managing a project can be just as challenging. Luckily, keeping your clients happy can also be the greatest reward of a site well-built.

So, at this point, we will like to wish you the very best as you start your web design project. For questions and more hints, you could contact us. We will love to help any time.


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