5 Easy Ways to Optimize your Website

You have your site up and running but it doesn’t seem to be getting you the reach, engagement, visits or
even conversion. What is missing?
It is not enough to have a website. Until it is optimized, it won’t serve you as expected.
Here are 5 easy ways to optimize your site

  1. Domain Name: Choosing a domain name is very important in website optimization. Your
    domain name should contain your brand name and it should be easy to type and easy to
    remember. Nobody is willing to be stressed just to search a name. Example; Our company is
    Icidat Technologies Limited but our website is icidat.com.ng. See, brand name, check. Easy to
    type, check! Easy to remember, definitely.
    That way, customers can easily refer back to the site without stress.
  2. Responsiveness: A responsive web design is a website that can fit into other smaller devices like
    the tablets or phones. Especially phones.

Research has it that a higher percentage of people access the internet from their phones. This
means that, if your website is not as beautifully arranged on your phone as it is on your system,
you have very few people remaining on your site or even revisiting. Appearance plays a major
role in website optimization.

  1. SEO worthy Content; This factor is quite crucial because it covers a lot of spheres. This is the
    part where your web designer works together with your content developer to ensure that the
    content in your website is written with due considerations to keywords.

This is done by carrying a Keyword
Search where probable words, phrases or questions that are commonly searched for will be


included in the website. This will increase the chances of the site appearing when related
keywords are searched thereby increasing number of clicks and even engagement.

  1. Business Profiling: Simply, profiling your business is basically giving a brief but detailed
    information about your business. About the business, address and contact, products and price
    range, all of that is involved in the profile and your business is ranked high above it’s

The most popular business profiling is “Google My Business”. If you search for a business that
has been profiled, you’ll notice at the left side of your screen the business profile. In fact, that is
enough reason for people to end their search for the day and hurry to your site because you
have eased them the stress of scrolling for forever. Profile your business and get ranking.

  1. Analytics: This is one of the best developments that has happened in the tech and business
    industry. The analytic tools help you keep track of your successes or failures in running your
    business online.

These tools help you know statistics of visitors on

your site, engagements, contents that are converting, what you are doing wrong and where you
need to make adjustments.
Analytic tools help businesses take drastic measures in improving the functionality of the
website to suit users needs and company’s goals.
These steps are in no particular order but are all highly effective. Good news! Icidat Technologies does
optimization as part of our web solutions just in case you want to get started.


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